Curd Quips: Choose your cheese because your heart desires it

Some six or seven years ago there was debate about the most expensive cheese in the world. As I recall, there were two contenders that were up for the proverbial title. First up was Great Britain’s entry, “Stilton Gold.” This cheese was a cows milk white Stilton cheese whose curds were turned with (insert drum roll here) edible gold leaf and gold-flecked cinnamon schnapps. None (that I know of, anyway) came to the United States. Stilton can be excellent, blue or otherwise, but in this case it was the gold that added the higher value to the cheese. […]


People in the news

Aging Together is pleased to announce its 2017 “Five Over Fifty” award honorees. Five Over Fifty is a celebration of citizens over 50 years of age from the Rappahannock Rapidan region who have made our community a better place through their extraordinary efforts. […]


Gardening Guru: Winter survival for gardeners

So for those of us who long to get back into the dirt, good gardening magazines can help us wait it out till spring by bringing the recollection of the pleasure of the garden back to us and helping us plan for the upcoming season. Gardening publications are entertaining and informative all year round, but I find that I read them more thoroughly and even catch up on past issues during the winter. I’d like to share some of my favorites to which I have subscribed. […]


Culpeper Currents: Map making, part one:

In February 1816 the Virginia Legislature authorized the creation of a state map. When completed the map would be housed at the newly created Board of Public Works and be a reference for the planning of public highways, turnpikes, canals, and later, railroads. […]

Biz Bio

BIZ BIO: Double agent: Look for the ‘wow factor’ in this designer turned realtor

Today she is dressed in green and her cheerful necklace bespeaks a handful of shamrocks. Well, St. Patrick’s Day is near and pots of gold are waiting to be discovered. Julia Foard-Lynch knew at an early age that she had a flair for design. Born and raised in Culpeper, she is a graduate of Culpeper County High School. […]


CURTAIN CALLS: “Peter and the Starcatcher” – a great catch

“Everything’s got a moral if only you can find it.” So said the Duchess to Alice on her journey through Wonderland, and who am I to contradict her? Just so, “Peter and the Starcatcher” has its fair allotment of moral lessons in right behavior – but that’s not why I would recommend it. I recommend it because it is laugh-out-loud fun. […]



Photo by Ian Chini BOUNTIFUL BARBEQUE. “It is wonderful,” says Elder Fuentes who can’t say enough about the support he has received from the community since opening Uncle Elder’s over two years ago. “I can’t […]


Summertime and the camps are calling

School will be out sooner than we realize. Then for a few weeks the days open to new opportunities for your children. There is no shortage of area camps to consider whether you are looking to immerse your child in art, music, swimming, sports or perhaps learning to ride a horse. You might as well plan early to book dates, budget and then look forward to sharing your child’s experiences. […]