Jeffersonton Community Center encourages new members

Last July 2016, the Jeffersonton Community Center celebrated the 60th anniversary of being organized and built by the citizens of this community in 1956. It was totally funded and built by the local people of Jeffersonton to have a meeting and gathering place to conduct business and discuss politics and various topics, as well as have a safe place for their families to socialize. These are still the primary goals of the JCC today in 2017. Most of the original citizens who built the center are gone now, but there are still a lot of their descendants left in the community and surrounding areas. Many of the descendents remember as children taking part in the various fundraisers to raise money to build the JCC. Jeffersonton has grown in the past 20 plus years but this still remains a friendly place to live and raise children. Indeed, one of the goals of the JCC has always been to bring friends and families within the community together and we encourage everyone to become more active within this our community.

Along with housing the Jeffersonton Post Office since 1973, the JCC provides other services to the community as well. In years past, it was the location for the people of the Jefferson District to cast their vote in the elections. After the Jeffersonton Baptist Church built its new fellowship hall in 2011, it was decided it would be more convenient to hold the voting there. Today, various clubs and organizations use the JCC as a place to conduct their business, hold special events, dances, and various other fundraisers. Some of the various groups and activities that are currently held at the JCC include: the Old People’s Riding Club, People for Pets, the Ruritans, both the local Baptist and Methodist churches, Vets Bike Ride (Cycle Fest), various homeschool groups, crafters, Yoga and Zumba classes, as well as a local youth group. Most people aren’t even aware of the many activities that do take place right here within our own community.

The Jeffersonton Community Center in conjunction with the Jeffersonton United Methodist Church have provided hayrides and trunk or treat for the children of the community for the past few years in October. Before that the JCC always held their annual Halloween party for the community. The second Saturday of each month, there is a country breakfast hosted at the JCC as a fundraiser.

From the fundraising and hard work of many of the local citizens, the JCC is able to give to many local people and organizations, such as the local churches, the fire department, adopting a needy family Christmas, donating to the local food pantry, and various other worthwhile charities. The JCC is always looking for new members to help with their fundraising events, dances, breakfasts, etc. as well as to bring new ideas and events to the community. The JCC holds monthly board meetings and bi-yearly general membership meetings with pot luck dinners in March and September.

Many people do not know that the facility is also available for rental to members and nonmembers and that it contains a fully functioning kitchen. It rents for a very reasonable rate. Members do receive a discount on the rental rate. The membership fees are $10 per year or $50 for a lifetime membership. Membership applications as well as rental applications may be obtained by calling 540-937-9979.

The Jeffersonton Community Center encourages and welcomes all new members!

Debra Cunningham-Castillo