Heroin arrests continue to plague sheriff’s office

Distribution of Heroin Arrest

At approximately 7 p.m. March 22, Sgt. C. Hibbs, while on routine patrol, made contact with Justin Bumgardner in the parking lot of 7-11, located at 18179 Lee Highway. As Sgt. Hibbs spoke with Bumgardner he observed signs that indicated Bumgardner might be under the influence of narcotics. During the conversation with Sgt. Hibbs, Bumgardner admitted to normally carrying a pistol on his person and that he did not have a concealed carry permit. Sgt. Hibbs then obtained permission to search Bumgardner for any weapons. While searching Bumgardner for weapons, Sgt. Hibbs located approximately 2 grams of heroin contained in 10 individually wrapped foil packets, and cash. Bumgardner then admitted, after being read his Miranda warnings, that he was at the 7-11 to sell the heroin to another individual, and that he had used heroin about 20 minutes before arriving. Bumgardner was subsequently arrested for Possession with the Intent to Distribute Heroin.

Based on information obtained during the interview and the arrest of Bumgardner, Sgt. Hibbs obtained a search warrant for the vehicle that Bumgardner used to arrive at the 7-11. During the search of the vehicle Sgt. Hibbs recovered a Kimber .45 pistol, a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, and ammunition for both weapons. Further charges for the weapons violations are pending.

Bumgardner was held without bond in the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Jail.