BIZ BIO: Double agent: Look for the ‘wow factor’ in this designer turned realtor


Julia Foard-Lynch is a realtor with Long and Foster. She’s also an interior designer.
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Today she is dressed in green and her cheerful necklace bespeaks a handful of shamrocks. Well, St. Patrick’s Day is near and pots of gold are waiting to be discovered. Julia Foard-Lynch knew at an early age that she had a flair for design. Born and raised in Culpeper, she is a graduate of Culpeper County High School.

“You either have an eye for it or you don’t,” says Foard-Lynch who relishes tackling the challenge of a blank canvas. For her that empty space can be a living room, kitchen, bedroom or entire house. “I just love making something beautiful,” she says of the model homes where she has had the freedom to work her wonders at interior design. Added to that, they have sold quickly,

A graduate of the Sheffield School of Interior Design, she owned her own design studio from 1995-2005.

“When I was studying and learning about interior design I realized that many of my instincts about color, pulling in spaces, lighting, I already had a knack for it.”  In 2005, she got her real estate license doubling her talents now as an astute designer and agent.

“I love interior design and when I saw how quickly something would sell that has been staged versus not…it drove something in me..perhaps a passion…to keep doing it,” says Foard-Lynch who works out of Long and Foster in Warrenton. “My office is here but I do a fair amount of business in Culpeper.”

Having a keen sense of what can drive the ambiance of the interior of a house, she has worked with builders as models are created. In fact, she is currently living in a home that was once the model for that development. “The upside is that I don’t have to hire contractors to come in and add crown molding or lighting or other features,” she muses. “The downside is that I don’t have a blank canvas to work with…if I change one room or one color it would drive me crazy and I’d have to redo the entire house,” she laughs, “I can’t open that box now.”

For the past 12 years as a real estate agent, Foard-Lynch limits the consulting jobs that she can take on in interior design. She will offer staging advice for her clients if they are looking to sell their homes. And for those who purchase a home from her, she’ll offer a one-time “what to do now” scenario when it comes to design. Currently the real estate market is keeping her busy.  “Things are moving well,” she says.

Her business card says ‘realtor’ but it also says ‘interior designer.’ Julia Foard-Lynch is perky, creative, enthusiastic and high energy. She’s got a good eye for what makes a room work. Let’s say she’s a staging specialist and that ability can help you sell your home or if you are a contractor, help design a model. Hers is a powerful combination of design, drive and determination that bodes well in an industry where having an eye for the wow factor delivers its own rewards.

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