February Land Transfers

Total: 63

February Dollar Deal: West Fairfax District $1,200,000

Catalpa District

2/1: Bourque, John to Turner, Demetric M; .79 acres located at 10119 Jameson LN, $199,900

2/2: Eggbornsville Properties LLC to Scott, Sean; .57 acres located near Scotts Mill RD, $65,000

2/14: Bank of New York Mellon to Havilah Homes LLC; 1.04 acres located at 14191 Catalpa DR, $140,000

2/22: Evans, William M and Wife to Grimsley, Ollie J III and Wife; 2.30 acres located at 13142 Longwood DR, $325,000

2/24: Eckard, Zachariah J and Wife to Springer, Joseph Reese and Other; 7.50 acres located at 10084 Rixeyville RD, $487,000

2/27: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Quinn, Erin M; 1.00 acres located at 12036 Turner LN, $180,000

2/27: Cedar Homes LLC to Hagenson, Mark C and Wife; .45 acres located at 14441 Bushong LN, $225,000

Catalpa Town District

2/1: Mabry, Patti D to Masters, Christian Y and Wife; .27 acres located at 1101 Jackson ST, $219,500

2/3: Ritenour, Deborah J to Clopton, Geffrey G; .26 acres located at 1117 Stuart ST, $168,000

2/15: Leeds, Gail L to Fishtown LLC; .24 acres located at 158 Garr AVE, $140,000

2/22: Kilby, William Earl and Wife to Bailey, Joseph R JR and Wife; .21 acres located at 884 Hilltop DR, $110,000

Cedar Mountain  District

2/1: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Helwig, Aaron J and Wife; 2.00 acres located at 19755 Old Orange RD, $239,900

2/10: Herndon, Willie and Wife to Portillo, Louise and Wife; 1.00 acre located at 26445 Rapidan RD, $75,000

2/13: Greene, Ruth Ann and Others to Mose, Douglas G and Other; 5.04 acres located near Old Mill RD, $40,000

2/17: Greene, Ruth Ann and Others to Gayheart, M Andrew and Other; 5.85 acres located near Old Mill RD, $45,000

2/21: Kidd, Daisy Brooks to Joca, Kimberly Jean ET VIR; 10.00 acres located near James Madison HWY, $127,500

2/28: Koelber, Christopher K and Wife to Buena LLC; 25.00 acres located near Muddy Bottom LN, $80,000

Cedar Mountain Town District

2/7: Hudson, Elizabeth J to Gallo, Vincent E; .60 acres located at 365 Willow Lawn DR, $215,000

East Fairfax District

2/7: Chase, William C IV and Wife to Fulton, Eric M and Other; .12 acres located at 121 E Stevens ST, $159,900

2/7: Highpoint HP LLC to NVR INC; multiple parcels located on Crepe Myrtle LN, $113,000

2/9: Glascock, Calvin K and Wife to Sanchez, Chayanne R and Other; .15 acres located at 1717 Lambert CT, $299,900

2/22: Strange, Philip C to De La Rosa Barbosa, Yhomira Grissol; .09 acres located at 314 N Commerce ST, $80,000

2/22: Strange, Philip C to DE La Rosa Barbosa, Yhomira Grissol; .11 acres located at 315 N Commerce ST, $80,000

2/24: Argent Development LLC to Thomson, Glen M; .12 acres located at 2007 Silver Bell CT, $265,000

2/24: Timmoran INC to 301 East Properties LLC; .11 acres located at 502 N East ST, $144,000

2/27: Johnson, Chantel to Loeffler, Jeffrey D; .34 acres located at 703 Kingsbrook RD, $345,000

East Fairfax County District

2/3: Payne, Sarah M to Crowe Properties LLC; multiple parcels located on Brandy RD, $300,000

Jefferson District

2/1: The Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia to Caliber Homebuilders INC; 3.00 acres located near Colvin RD, $78,000

2/1: Edwards, Thomas S and Wife to Laverty, Nathan and Wife; 3.21 acres located at 3116 Running Quail TRL, $349,900

2/2: Boyce-Garrison Properties LLC to Farrow, Scott Edward and Wife; 3.45 acres located at 2038 Riley RD, $498,000

2/8: Middleburg Bank to Ryan, Robert II and Wife; 11.24 acres located near Kimber LN, $80,000

2/9: Bean, Barbara S to Mantay, Ludwig and Other; 8.00 acres located at 468 R E Cards Hill LN, $389,000

2/13: Trigon Homes LLC to Wilkemeyer, Aaron J and Wife; 10.03 acres located at 5053 Silver Stone LN, $415,285

2/13: C & C Homebuilders INC to Nowakowski, Diane R; 3.00 acres located at 3002 Colvin RD, $375,000

2/21: Montague, Sarah E to Campbell, Eddie Dean; .93 acres located at 15339 Waterloo RD, $260,000

2/21: Bank of New York Mellon to High-Heeled Houses LLC; 3.04 acres located at 15154 Aiken CT, $260,000

2/22: Springer, William F to Atkins Construction Group LLC; multiple parcels located on Riley RD, $138,000

2/22: Friederichs, Charles B and Wife to Luke, Jason Nicholas and Wife; 1.00 acre located at 3390 Southampton DR, $399,000

2/24: Wilmington Trust National Assoc to Bowes, Mary A; 1.18 acres located at 3249 Southampton DR, $365,000

2/28: Hoadley, David T and Wife to Gabarrete, Marco and Other; 1.53 acres located at 17191 Tattershall Way, $459,000

Salem District

2/6: Underwood, Thomas S to Adams, Timothy Austin and Wife; 8.50 acres located at 7292 James Monroe HWY, $324,000

2/6: Foiles, Floyd W and Wife to Elliott, James L and Wife; 7.84 acres located at 6880 Sperryville Pike, $305,000

2/8: Hill, Marlon O and Others to Kincheloe, Joseph C and Other; 5.58 acres located at 17492 Lakemont DR, $157,500

2/10: Jenkins, Marvin N and Other to Donovan, Amanda Rachel and Husband; .34 acres located at 10586 Sperryville Pike, $149,900

2/13: Real Estate Assets LLC to Hjelmeloand, Michelle; 5.13 acres located at 13217 Major Brown DR, $318,000

2/15: Gallo, Phillip A and Other to Kim, Alessandra and Husband; 20.95 acres located at 13546 Major Brown DR, $350,000

2/15: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to PLJS Properties LLC; 1.00 acre located at 17473 Executive LN, $117,961

2/17: Partlow, Reid B JR to Kincheloe, Joseph C; multiple parcels located near Sperryville Pike, $47,099.19

Stevensburg District

2/2: Timmons, William T and Wife to Gross, Joshua Christopher and Wife; 3.31 acres located at 19157 Edwards Shop RD, $284,400

2/13: NVR INC to Dixon, Daniel and Wife; .94 acres located at 15053 North Ridge BLVD, $387,540

2/23: Lawson, Eugene and Wife to Roman, John and Wife; 4.60 acres located near Lightfoot LN, $37,500

2/24: Bickley, Warren to Arms, Jody Alan and Wife; 3.00 acres located at 16028 Stevensburg RD, $265,000

2/28: North Ridge Land LLC to NVR INC; .93 acres located near North Ridge BLVD and Gunston Hall PL, $70,000

West Fairfax District

2/1: Commercial Yates LLC to Main & Asher LLC; .53 acres located at 604-610 S Main ST, $625,000

2/1: Mulberry Commons Dental Group to Sunset Investment Properties LLC; Office Condos located at 1400 Sunset LN, $1,200,000

2/7: Kamens Properties LLC to Orr, John W and Wife; .27 acres located at 316 Wayland RD, $179,000

2/15: Ross, Thomas James II to Rizik, Jacob and Wife; multiple parcels located on Virginia AVE, $45,000

2/21: White, Loretta J and Husband to Khandelwal, Shiv R and Wife; .22 acres located at 1016 Ridgemere LN, $291,500

2/23: Jean Pierre, Sophia C to Chapman, Matthew S and Wife; .35 acres located at 905 Augustine DR, $360,000

2/24: Summerscales, Shaun D and Other to Minavio, Sean A and Wife; Condo located at 987 Longview LN, $197,500

2/27: Talbott Farm LLC to Halpert, Daniel; Condo located at 832 Fairview Village CT, $160,875

2/27: Talbott Farm LLC to Halpert, Daniel; Condo located at 819 Fairview Village CT, $163,350

2/28: Farrar, Tracey L to Garcia, Vidal C; Condo located at 737 Colonels CT, $169,000