Vinosity: A Purveyor of Fine Wines

Owner Kim Kelly delights in taking vines to tables. There are so many to choose from and each bottle has its own character and charm. One is sure to enrich your next meal. Photo by Ian Chini.

Owner Kim Kelly surrounds herself with what she is most passionate about – wine. Not only is she knowledgeable about what’s inside the bottles of her handpicked collection spanning the globe, she is keenly aware of the ambiance of sharing a good glass of vino and the story behind its birth. While her store on East Davis Street also carries a variety of specialty food items, gift items, cigars and an ever growing collection of craft beers, for nearly 20 years wine is her main focus.

“This is a fun business and I’m always learning,” smiles Kelly who has been at the current location since 2011.

“They knocked it out of the park,” said Kelly of Hardwood Artisans who crafted a unique table sitting in the store. The base is a wine barrel – but cut lengthwise – with a glass top. Inside is a collection of corks. Not only is it a great conversation piece but it was made by another Culpeper company. Wine is all about making connections from those vineyards in Italy or France or Virginia to those who enjoy sharing what grape’s nectar can become.

Looking for a great way to end your week? Did you know that Port can be white?   

Stop by Vinosity on Friday evenings from 5-8 p.m. for their complimentary in-store tasting. It may be a new wine or beer or reacquainting with an old favorite. Often the winemaker will join the gathering. Depending on the offering, a confection from Bijou’s Sweet Treats in Luray may be in order.

Kim pens a monthly column for the Culpeper Times called Epicurean Muse. Her own aura is calm, serene and thoughtful. Let her help you choose your next favorite bottle of the drink of the gods.

Located at 174 E. Davis Street, 540-829-WINE (9463)

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