Raven’s Nest celebrates 10 years of sustenance

Jerry Brick serves up some of the signature drinks at Raven’s Nest Coffee House that have kept customers coming back for 10 years. Photo by Ian Chini.

For 10 years, Raven’s Nest Coffee House has been feeding the people. For owner Jessica Hall, that doesn’t always involve edibles.

“It’s not just food and drink that goes into sustaining the people,” she said. “It’s more than just what goes into your mouth.”

Opened on April 26, 2007, Raven’s Nest has become a staple on the lower end of East Davis Street. Since Clark Hardware closed last year, the coffee shop is the anchor of the neighborhood now.

A frequent stop for regulars and tourists alike, Raven’s Nest – called as such for its use of Raven’s Brew coffee – prides itself on consistency.

Once located across the street at the current Moving Meadows Bakery, Raven’s Nest has been at its current location at 215 East Davis for six years.

During its existence, Hall has seen the fluctuations of the community and has adjusted accordingly.

“Like our country, our community is constantly in flux,” Hall said. “The street has become a conduit, but since Claude closed, it’s become more feminine.”

While online shopping has curtailed some retail, her business has remained strong as the restaurants on East Davis Street have proved to be a tourist attraction. And people are always looking for a good strong cup of Joe and a tasty tidbit.

Most of her fare is homemade or close to it. She makes her soups from scratch. During a recent conversation, she worked on making crusts for pies.

Hall has always had a diverse resume, working as an art director for 18 years, serving in sales and selling her own gourmet jelly for 14 years. So her eclectic background leads to an eclectic clientele.

Local businessmen stop by for meetings, young people converse over mochas, tourists from Washington, D.C. and Charlottesville mingle with the locals.

Hall jokingly refers to the lower end of East Davis as the “East Side” – not quite Manhattan but offering something a little different. Her philosophy says it all.

It’s all about sustaining the people – and a warm brew always helps.

Located at 215 East Davis, 540-827-4185

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