Delivery dilemma

The good news is that newspapers are alive and well and circulating in Culpeper. Be it a daily or weekly, like the Culpeper Times, we’re happy that folks still enjoy reading about their local world and advertisers are willing to support that effort.

Ours is a free paper designed to reach the most people in the most effective way.

To that end, we made the decision several months ago to make our paper available in racks in more than 300 locations throughout the area including Orange, Madison, Remington and Warrenton. You’ll also find it in those steel blue boxes. Remember, it’s free so just pull the handle. No need for coins.

It is not left in driveways or put in mailboxes.

There is an exception. If you have a subscription, which you can certainly entertain, it will come via the postal system.

We come out each Thursday and routinely discover that by the weekend many of our locations are out of papers and we are refilling. That’s good news for us. We want to be as available as possible.

We also want to be environmentally friendly.

We learned this week that the town’s public safety committee discussed the issue of littering. Of particular focus is their desire to not add to the world’s accumulation of paper and plastic.

In addition to our delivery model we have a business-to-business carrier deliver a personal copy of the Culpeper Times to Culpeper’s downtown businesses. It’s done for their convenience and did involve dropping off papers in front of their business housed in a plastic wrapper.

But, we wanted to be able to offer a solution. We listened and adjusted this week.

Our professional carrier who delivers to the downtown businesses will now begin delivery after 10 a.m. to make sure the stores are open and personally take the paper inside for better customer service.

Each week you’ll find a full page directory in the paper detailing the various locations where you can pick up a copy of the Culpeper Times. If you’d like it to come directly to your home, call our subscription office at 540-675-3338. Ask for Jan and she’ll gladly get you started. Look for us online at

We appreciate the community’s support, hope that you continue reading and advertising and definitely want to be a good business neighbor as well.