Culpeper Cheese Company: More than just wine and cheese

Jeffery Mitchell, owner of Culpeper Cheese Company, shows off the famed cheese display at the downtown business. Photo by Ian Chini.

You could call the Culpeper Cheese Company the three ‘C’s’ of Culpeper, but owner Jeffery Mitchell quickly points out there’s one ‘C’ missing – and it may be the most important one.

Why does their cheese stand out?

What makes their beer and wine selections pop?

How does East Davis Street keep bringing in new visitors to Culpeper?

The answer is a fourth ‘C’ not in their name – caring.

That sentiment is the driving force behind East Davis Street, nay behind Culpeper, says Mitchell.

“That’s what makes Culpeper special,” he said, standing behind his elegant cheese display at the shop one recent Friday afternoon. “Helping and taking care of people. There’s a sense of caring here that you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

From the minute you walk in the doors at the Cheese Company, you feel that warmth. Greeted quickly with a smile and wave from Jim, Rick or Rose, the customer is immediately made to feel at home. Or actually, they’re taken on a trip.

It’s those trips – either to faraway lands or just to another town that drive our memories and emotions Mitchell explains. People want to recreate memories with food, and most foods have a specific place tied to them.

Have you tried a wine in Italy? The Culpeper Cheese Company can find it for you.

Did you sample a cheese from Harrisonburg at a restaurant and want to recreate that cuisine at home? Jeffery or Rose will use their years of expertise to help you find the right cheese you’re looking for.

Mitchell says it’s the cheese the people are the most curious about, and often times the most scared about. The trick to their 10 years of success is finding what the customer is looking for and building those relationships along the way.

Their passion and intelligence is evident the minute that Jeffery starts talking about a cow’s milk cheese or explains the difference between goats and sheep’s milk cheese.

“It’s all about sharing that passion and knowledge,” he said.

Sharing new tastes has been a driving factor, and their menu has grown as they’ve offered sandwiches and small plates. Customers tastes change almost daily and Mitchell said that’s one of the fun aspects of the business.

“In retail, you never know what’s walking in the door next,” he said with a chuckle. “You get people coming in for different things.”

No matter what customers come for, they always are guaranteed one thing – care.

Located at 129 E. Davis Street, Suite 100, 549-827-4757

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