New Virginia DMV payment plan eases penalty fee

RICHMOND – Legislation effective January 1 has enabled the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to allow motorists whose licenses have been suspended for driving without insurance to pay the statutory penalty fee in installments and restore their privileges to drive. According to Virginia law, a motorist with an uninsured vehicle-related suspension must pay a $500 fee for each violation. Legislation sponsored by Delegate Greg Habeeb allowed DMV to establish a new payment plan program which allows qualifying customers to pay the fee down over a period of three years — instead of all at once. Customers can legally drive while paying down their penalty fee. More than 600 people have already entered into the payment plan program.

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers enrolling in this new program. Many are grateful that they are now able to pay the fee in installments, rather than in a lump sum,” said DMV spokesperson Brandy Brubaker. “The law change gave us the flexibility we needed to be able to accept payment of the uninsured motorist fee in installments, and we are happy to offer this new option to our customers.”

Under DMV’s new uninsured motorist fee payment plan:

  • Eligible vehicle owners must pay a $25 administrative fee, have no other outstanding suspensions, and pay the reinstatement fee in order to enter into the plan.
  • Eligible vehicle owners must pay a minimum of $25 a month per vehicle by the due date.  The balance must be paid in full within three years.
  • Eligible vehicle owners must provide proof of financial responsibility (Form SR-22) for three years from the date of suspension, even if the balance is paid off before the payment period expires.

For more information on the payment plan program, how to participate, and frequently asked questions, visit #