What’s that construction?

From the time a proposed project hits the county planning commission for approval and then goes on to the board of supervisors for their final nod, it may be weeks or months. Even when approved, there are specific site plans that follow. It’s a process from beginning to end but thanks to County Director of Planning Sam McLearen and his staff we’re able to share a county project map which will give you a brief snapshot of what projects are going on and planned for the future. Hopefully it will help when you see bulldozers clearing land or a building being framed. What’s that construction? […]


Wild Ideas: Pollen on the way?

Pollen season is almost upon us and, thanks to the relatively warm winter, may arrive sooner than expected. The culprits spewing what, for some of us, is an annoying allergen are members of the juniper family. This is the only tree pollen I seem to be allergic to, and it creeps up on me most years, being the last thing on my mind when I stare out at the bare winter landscape. […]


Library News: Summer Activity Fair

Do you know where your children will be this summer? Looking for some great ideas to keep your kids occupied once the novelty of “no school’ has worn off? Come to the Culpeper County Library Saturday, March 4 anytime from 3 – 5 p.m. to learn about the myriad of summer activities that are available both near and a little further afield. […]


New Virginia DMV payment plan eases penalty fee

RICHMOND – Legislation effective January 1 has enabled the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to allow motorists whose licenses have been suspended for driving without insurance to pay the statutory penalty fee in installments and restore their privileges to drive. According to Virginia law, a motorist with an uninsured vehicle-related suspension must pay a $500 fee for each violation. Legislation sponsored by Delegate Greg Habeeb allowed DMV to establish a new payment plan program which allows qualifying customers to pay the fee down over a period of three years — instead of all at once. Customers can legally drive while paying down their penalty fee. More than 600 people have already entered into the payment plan program. […]


House and Senate budgets have differences but both focus on high priority issues

As we move closer to the end of the Senate session, we have seen countless bills pass the House and Senate. More importantly we have made sure that a lot of bad bills have failed. Our budget discussions continue moving toward an agreement between the House and Senate on a final budget to be sent to the Governor. There are a number of substantive differences between the budget adopted by the House and the budget adopted by the Senate. However, they both addressed the high priority issues that were critical amendments and correct issues associated with the recent budget shortfall. We also continue to have debates on bills related to energy, education, agriculture, HOAs, election rules, healthcare reform, transparency, budget reform and how transportation funds are spent. […]