CURTAIN CALLS: We learned to like it

“As You Like It”, Shakespeare’s frolic in the Forest of Arden, is one of those iron sided plays that can withstand all manner of interpretation. Call it the dude ranch trail horse of Elizabethan comedy. Director Gaye Upchurch may have an angle in mind, but it’s hard to discern in this scattered approach. But thanks to some fine performances of the cast, the story of jealousy, banishment, and foolish love emerges more or less intact. […]


Town and county: New Pathways starts the journey

Former county administrator Frank Bossio got a green light to pursue a new venture. The Culpeper County Board of Supervisors passed a Memorandum of Understanding between the county and New Pathways Tech, Inc. and Culpeper Human Services. Bossio had introduced the project several months ago which would require rehabilitating part of the George Washington Carver Building to a machine shop. Not just any machine shop but training that would provide highly skilled employees for the likes of Precision Machine Works in Culpeper. For more than 30 decades, Precision Machine Works, owned by Leon Fincher, has been in the business of operating CNC machines. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machinery is used in manufacturing both metal and plastic parts that require a high level of precision and accuracy. […]


Culpeper Soccer Club scores new fields

The Culpeper Soccer Club netted a goal Tuesday evening with the approval of a conditional use permit to create a private recreation facility in an area zoned agricultural in the Stevensburg District. The area will be used to create additional soccer fields. […]


From Where I Sit: Say it with chocolate

When I was a little girl and Valentine’s Day came around my father would come home with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. My mother would receive the larger one and I the smaller one. For several days after I would carefully open my box and select a treat. […]