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BIZ BIO: No ends but a series of new beginnings: Let’s lose weight

When we last checked in with Dr. Sagar Verma a little over a year ago, he had extended his medical practice to include the creation of Lifestyle Physicians. Dr. Verma, who practices as an internal medicine hospitalist at Culpeper Hospital, saw the need for an emphasis on obesity medicine since being overweight has a direct correlation to a variety of medical problems. Lifestyle has much to do with our illnesses. For Dr. Verma, having the right attitude with a workable approach is the key to lasting success. […]


Soap Box Derby launches STEM-based curriculum

For more than 80 years, students have learned about science, technology, engineering and math when racing in the All-American and local soap box derbies, and now the ISBD is offering a curriculum based on those traits through its STEM-based education program. […]


Hiking the Inca Trail: Part II

It is early October in Peru. Poppins, Porter, and I are hiking our last days on the famed Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The landscape has changed from sparse, grass-covered mountains to banks of rolling clouds to the thick, warm jungle clinging to craggy peaks. Freddie, our Peruvian guide, had not been exaggerating. The last two days on the Inca trail were the most memorable and well worth the effort. […]


Culpeper Currents: A new county is born

In the decade following the American Revolution the population in Culpeper County’s western area grew. As the county courthouse had been situated in 1749 to the convenience of the county’s original population, those living in the western area found themselves with a hard journey to transact business. To that end a group of residents made the following petition to the Virginia General Assembly on November 29, 1785: […]


Making America great again

“I’m excited about the opportunities that lay before the 115th Congress. Now that the country is united behind Republican leadership in the House, Senate, and White House, we can begin moving quickly on a positive agenda that will unite this country and get Americans working again. […]