Say Cheese, Jan. 26, 2017


SOLIDARITY EN ROUTE. Photographer Samantha Whitesides snapped a photo of a busload of 53 women and two men that traveled from Rappahannock, Culpeper, Madison and Fauquier to join  half a million other activists for the historic Women’s March in Washington DC on Saturday, Jan. 21. They are pictured here on their early morning arrival in DC. This group was just one of more than 1200 chartered busses that transported the diverse crowds to the Mall for a day of inspiration and solidarity.

HURRICANE LEE. Known affectionately as “Hurricane Lee,” the director of the Museum of Culpeper History Lee Langston-Harrison was recognized at the January town council meeting for her 10 years of service and her ability to make things happen in a hurry.  Mayor Mike Olinger praised Langston-Harrison for what he believes is the “best small town museum in the country.” She started Monday at her new position as executive director of the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum.