From the desk of Del. Webert: Share your thoughts on legislative matters


Del. Michael Webert

Our second week in Richmond is off to a productive start!

The General Assembly just concluded their first full week of session. The 100 member House has introduced more than 1,000 bills, and the 40 member Senate has introduced more than 700 bills. Over the next two weeks, the 14 House committees will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting to hear the bills before action could be taken on the House floor.

Subcommittees and full committees began the process of moving policy proposals through the General Assembly, and I am pleased to inform you that some of the measures that I introduced have advanced to the full committee and the House Floor. While the remainder of my legislative initiatives has not been discussed in subcommittee, I would like to update you on two of my bills that have moved forward:

HB 1596: Prevents state agencies from requiring contractors, or subcontractors who are engaged in business with the state to provide compensation beyond what state or federal law dictates. Government mandated agreements disproportionately burden small businesses with high costs that they aren’t able to absorb. Thereby unfairly discouraging many qualified small businesses from bidding on projects being paid for with their own tax dollars. HB 1596 has been reported to the House and is on its second reading.

HB 1565: This bill authorizes localities to create green development zones that provide certain tax incentives and regulatory flexibility for up to 10 years to a business operating in an energy-efficient building or to a business that produces products used to reduce negative impact on the environment. HB 1565 was referred for reporting by House Finance Subcommittee #1 by a vote of 8-2.

Beyond the updates on my bills provided here, my legislative priorities this session include regulatory reform, promoting economic development and small businesses, encouraging increased funding for rural schools, ensuring commuters aren’t saddled with inordinate fees to use existing infrastructure, and fostering civic engagement among our youth.

In the coming weeks, thousands of bills will move at a brisk pace through the Virginia General Assembly. I would encourage you to keep me and my office updated on your thoughts on these policy proposals as they progress through the legislature.

For a full listing of the bills for which I am a Patron or Co-Patron, please visit and select either “Chief Patron,” “Chief Co-Patron,” or “Co-Patron.”

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the legislative matters before the General Assembly. Please feel free to share your opinion by contacting my office at (804) 698-1018 or