Making America great again

“I’m excited about the opportunities that lay before the 115th Congress. Now that the country is united behind Republican leadership in the House, Senate, and White House, we can begin moving quickly on a positive agenda that will unite this country and get Americans working again.

I always ask for a commitment from leadership to pursue the agenda I was sent by my constituents to work for here in Washington. Last Congress, five common sense immigration bills were passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. Speaker Ryan told me he will be working to pass those same bills this Congress.

Speaker Ryan has presented a bold plan for this year, including Obamacare repeal, cutting the corporate tax rate from the highest in the world to a competitive one that will help Americans attain employment, and rolling back the vast regulatory state that is strangling our small businesses. Speaker Ryan’s policies are based on fiscal responsibility that I agree with and are a good, rational set of policy principles that will lay the groundwork for the year ahead of us.

Like the rest of the country, Speaker Ryan wants to make America great again through the Better Way agenda, and I’m looking forward to doing that with him in a positive and unified way this year.”

Congressman Dave Brat

Virginia’s 7th District  


Editor’s Note: In December, Rep. Brat was invited as the keynote speaker at the second annual Jerusalem Leaders Summit, an event that brings together members of Parliament from Europe and other legislative bodies from India and around the world to discuss the 21st century’s global threats and security challenges, the weakening of the rule of law, and obstacles to economic freedom and free trade. The event provides a strategic platform to affirm the foundational principles of the rule of law – protecting life, liberty and private property.

Speakers focused on key policy areas, including foreign policy, global security, economic growth solutions, technology and the significance of strengthening Israel’s security and sovereignty. The panel also highlighted the benefits of economic freedom and the contributions citizens have made to the world economy through innovation and technology.

“Three pillars made our country the greatest on earth: the Judeo-Christian tradition, the rule of law, and the free market system. These pillars are crucial to our success, fundamentally connected, and can be adopted by any nation in the world to emulate American success,” said Brat of his remarks when attending the summit. The Jerusalem Leaders Summit is co-hosted by the International Leaders Summit, the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE) and the Heritage Foundation.