BIZ BIO: No ends but a series of new beginnings: Let’s lose weight


Dr. Sagar Verma has doubled his space at the Warrenton location of Lifestyle Physicians. Photo by Anita L. Sherman
Dr. Sagar Verma has doubled his space at the Warrenton location of Lifestyle Physicians.
Photo by Anita L. Sherman


When we last checked in with Dr. Sagar Verma a little over a year ago, he had extended his medical practice to include the creation of Lifestyle Physicians. Dr. Verma, who practices as an internal medicine hospitalist at Culpeper Hospital, saw the need for an emphasis on obesity medicine since being overweight has a direct correlation to a variety of medical problems. Lifestyle has much to do with our illnesses. For Dr. Verma, having the right attitude with a workable approach is the key to lasting success.

He is very proud to now be board certified in Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He is also a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

He’s also excited that Lifestyle Physicians is again offering a Weight Loss Challenge. “People like to be motivated,” smiled Dr. Verma describing the $10,000 prize – $5,000 to a female and $5,000 to a male losing the most weight by the spring. Awards will be made April 8. Last year’s female success story didn’t stop with the 64 pounds she lost. After the challenge she continued to lose and now is down by 90 pounds.

The program starts with a consultation and medical examination. Dr. Verma emphasizes that depending on body type, people burn fat at different rates. Some of his latest equipment measures not only body mass but how your body retains fluids.

Patients who have lost weight have remarked that Dr. Verma and his staff are with you all the way and are there for constant support and encouragement.

One of those Tripp Butler, a vice president at Virginia Community Bank in Culpeper, is passionate about the program. He’s lost 40 pounds.

“In December 2015 I concluded three months of the program through Lifestyle Physicians.  Frankly, it dramatically changed my life.  I am more healthy and active.  I am committed to staying fit to set a good example for my children and others around me.  I have learned that exercise is key, but one must eat well / appropriately in order to have superior health,” said Butler who also admits that he would never have been public about getting in shape but so admires Dr. Verma and Lifestyle Physicians that he wants them to be successful.

“From wanting the best for them, I came to be the one that benefitted. Close friends Greg Hatfield and Butch Fettig joined the program a few weeks after me.  What transpired was a journey that deepened our respective friendships through encouragement and the desire for each of us to be healthy. Then, and there are too many to name individually, others followed because they saw the improvement in my personal health.”

With Lifestyle Physicians, there are no contracts to sign. “You only pay for what you use,” says Dr. Verma who has seen more than 300 patients in the last year.

And no doubt there will be more in 2017 as he’s opened an office in Culpeper located at 571-B James Madison Highway near Payne’s Pools and the Salvation Army. A grand opening is planned in February but for now, it’s open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Coming on board last August, Dr. Sheeba Asad specializes in naturopathic medicine.



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