A practical Christmas in Culpeper

In 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, Culpeper celebrated Christmas with familiar traditions. A decorated tree stood near the courthouse steps, surrounded by filled stockings which would be handed out to the children who attended the tree lighting and carol singing on Christmas Eve. Afterwards, the musicians would take their instruments and continue their performances outside the homes of local shut-ins who were not able to attend the festivities. The tree and gifts were sponsored by the Culpeper Post of the American Legion. That organization also organized the donation and delivery of food baskets to about 30 families that year, and collected toys for close to 100 children. […]


Judge grants nationwide preliminary injunction

“I applaud the court’s decision to block the implementation of this disastrous job-killing regulation. Businesses here in the 7th District and around the nation will now have time while we work towards repealing the rule entirely. This onerous regulation would more than double the salary threshold for an employee to be entitled to overtime pay, forcing small businesses to substantially increase their employment costs. This overreaching and reckless regulation would have had major consequences for job flexibility and job creation – hurting the people it was purportedly trying to help.” […]


The lights are on in Reva

For all of the many people who have asked me when the Christmas decorations will be up, they are – earlier than last year. There are more than 30 large inflatable items, i.e. 15 foot tall Bumble the Snow Monster, 15 foot tall Rudolph and his girlfriend Clarice, Mickey Mouse, Santa, brown bear, Santa and his outhouse, a 16 foot toy soldier, Elsa, Olaf, Snoopy, and many more and a lot of lights. […]