Wendy’s is open

Wendy's is open again in Culpeper. Photo by Ian Chini
Wendy’s is open again in Culpeper.
Photo by Ian Chini

It didn’t take long for Culpeper to welcome back Wendy’s to its list of fast food offerings. This week, lines of cars waiting in their drive thru plus lines of customers and packed tables inside tell the story. Wendy’s is back in town.

Planned to reopen mid-October, construction took a bit longer.

At close to 3,500 square feet, the concept for the new building was approved last May by the town planning commission.

Wendy’s owner Big Bear Holdings, R &L Foods, out of Winchester received a $926,000 condemnation settlement when the construction of the adjoining roundabout traffic circle impacted access to their restaurant.

The former building had been in that location since 1986.

Founder Dave Thomas introduced Wendy’s to the American public in 1969 in Columbus, OH. Wendy’s claim to fame centered on serving fresh and never-frozen burger patties. The fast-food also often receives credit for the introduction of the drive-thru window. Today, Wendy’s operates more than 6,500 locations worldwide and employs more than 40,000 workers.

Located at 872 N. Main Street, Wendy’s offers patrons burgers and specialty burgers, salads, fries, baked potatoes, chicken sandwiches and nuggets, Frosties, and soft drinks.

From the looks of it, patrons appear delighted that Wendy’s is open, alive and well and living in Culpeper.

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