Pardoe’s Perspective: What the presidential election is really about

To say I’m enjoying this presidential race would be an understatement. In a political climate where many Americans are shaking their heads in mock disbelief, I’m openly and enthusiastically embracing this chaos. Why? Because this is the most important political decision we have faced in decades. It’s about the American direction of the next four years in a world of chaos and turmoil. More people than ever are engaged in political conversation. People passionately waste many hours on Facebook attempting to ignorantly sway people’s opinions…despite the fact that this has yet to happen. Both candidates have stirred anger, frustration, and passion. The process is exciting, frightening, and invigorating. […]


From Where I Sit: Head to the polls

Corey Stewart was the guest speaker at the October meeting of the Founding Fathers Republican Women. He is serving his fourth term as At-Large Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County. In December of last year, he was tapped to chair Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia. He didn’t make it quite a year and was “fired” on October 10 for his decision to go ahead and support a protest outside the RNC office in Washington. He did that without the blessing of Trump organizers but in accordance with his principles. He told the group gathered that he was unhappy with established Republicans who weren’t supporting Trump. […]


Epicurean Muse: Try this hearty white wine for Thanksgiving

Falling leaves, crisp mornings and an evening by the fire get the mind and taste buds working in new directions. When it comes to wine and the transition to fall, a bottle of gewürztraminer is always a great choice. The name (guh-VURTS-truh-mee-nuhr) and the wine itself is a mouthful, it’s a heavier, more lush white wine with an amazing amount of complexity. The parent grape, traminer, was originally grown in the Pfalz region of Germany, but Alsace in eastern France is considered the most significant region for this distinctive grape, where it represents about 20 percent of all vines planted, just second to Riesling. Italy’s Trentino-Alto Adige region, the U.S. and Germany are also considered among the top producers. […]