Vote “Yes” for right-to-work

I am encouraging Virginians to vote ‘yes’ on “Question One” to support the Right-to-Work amendment on the ballot this November 8.

Right-to-Work protects the rights of employees who do not want to join a union and encourages companies to relocate in Virginia. This amendment makes it unconstitutional for unions or special interests to force an employee to pay dues to a union as a condition of employment.

I encourage all Virginians to vote ‘yes’ on Question One. No one should be forced to pay union dues to keep their job, and Right-to-Work protects the rights of workers to make that determination without a mandate from the government.

This amendment will help our Commonwealth’s economy thrive. Almost 40 percent of manufacturers insist on working in Right-to-Work states and we want to keep Virginia on that list.

Sen. Bryce Reeves

17th Senate District of Virginia