In Due Course: Virginia passes new laws

According to Virginia’s Constitution, all laws enacted at a regular session excluding a general appropriation law take effect on the first day of July after the General Assembly has been adjourned. That means, that several new laws went into effect this summer that could well affect the everyday lives of the citizens of Virginia. […]


From Where I Sit: The sad state of the State Theatre

Admittedly when I first walked Culpeper’s streets years ago I didn’t know the history of the State Theatre, its early beginnings as a vaudeville movie house in the mid 30s, its memories for many in the community who remember watching flicks there as a kid on Saturdays, the balcony reserved for African-Americans complete with a separate staircase, its eventual decline and empty untouched spaces for more than a decade. […]


Cozy at the grocery stores, eggs and cheese go together well

Questioning the foundation of your illusions is not for the faint of heart. Take, for instance, why cheese, milk and eggs are often located near each other in grocery stores. Eggs clearly don’t come from sheep, goats or cows. Similarly, there is no milk (or cheese) coming from chickens. Why then the common association? […]


Hans Murdock assumes joint role with The Culpeper and Culpeper Baptist Church

Fifteen years ago, Hans Murdock was trying to get out of the country. It was September 2001. Murdock and his wife, Becky, were slated to serve a two-year term with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) in Russia. They had tickets to leave the U.S. in mid-September. Then 9/11 happened.


Home & Garden

Photo contest announced: Share Your Vision of Nearby Nature

Enter your photos of Northern Virginia’s beautiful urban and rural outdoor spaces in the Nearby Nature Photo Competition, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust. The contest is open to all non-professional photographers, with prizes for youth and adults in two categories: “the land and water around us” and “people enjoying the land.” See for entry details. The deadline for online submissions is Sunday, Oct. 30. […]


Trump signs available in Culpeper

The GOP office on North Main Street, Culpeper, open on Saturdays and Sundays has Trump/Pence yard signs and bumper stickers. Please come in very soon to pick them up they are being snapped up quickly. We would love to meet you and will give you the opportunity to sign up to volunteer with us, and pick up the signs you want. […]


Agewise: Staying Sharp

Aging is inevitable and it is going to take place whether you like it or not. However, there are ways to keep yourself as sharp as you possibly can. Often when the word aging is heard, you may have negative thoughts come to mind such as wrinkles, gray hair, comorbidities, memory loss or other emotional and physical losses. Research shows that people are living longer, healthier and more motivating lives. Emphasis is typically placed on physical health. However, this is changing as researchers are conducting more research on dementia, brain health and the influences of lifestyle factors. In order to maximize your quality of life while you’re aging, it is important not to overlook keeping your brain healthy along with your physical body. […]