Town moves forward with development projects


Sometimes it takes mounds of dirt, large construction equipment, vested workers and signs saying, “Coming soon,” to hit home that development is happening.

Whether or not you follow town council meetings or ever attend a town planning meeting eventually you’ll know that a project has been approved when earth is moved and walls go up.

That process may take weeks, months or years of planning, figuring out the finances, getting approvals from VDOT if necessary until finally it is a reality.

Currently there are several significant projects happening.

Reformation Lutheran Church will have a new home in the 601 Madison Road Subdivision. Wendy’s was demolished but a new one should be operational by mid-October. Ardent Mills Factory is expanding. A new gas station is under construction near Walmart. Hailing from Germany, the Lidl chain of grocery stores chose Culpeper as one of its locations on the East Coast of the United States.

Road projects including the Route 229 widening will include a multi-use path. Pedestrian improvements are planned for Route 522.

Access to Lake Pelham is now available through Lake Pelham Adventures. An improved access road, parking facilities, boat ramp and dock will be constructed future phases.

Two high school regulation size basketball courts are planned at Yowell Meadow Park.

A long-term master plan for Rock Water Park has been approved by the town which will include a splash park, amphitheater and restored wetlands area.

There are other projects afoot. The town staff is currently updating the Community Design Plan from 2007 which will focus on streetscape improvements, commercial and residential development, pedestrian facilities, public spaces and parking within the downtown area.

The list goes on but we thought it would be helpful to our readers if these projects were presented on a map. With the cooperation from town planning staff, it quickly became a reality and we’re happy to present it to you in this issue.

Project timelines and scope can change considering construction and finances but all efforts are in go mode for the moment.

“We try our best to prioritize the projects and get quality results as efficiently as we possibly can,” said Salem Bush who can be reached for any questions regarding town projects at (540)-825-8261 or sbush@culpeperva.go

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