What to expect from wildlife in our area

This is the time of year for bears to be on the move. From the Tidewater region to the Alleghany Mountains, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries personnel are receiving numerous calls regarding bear sightings. With a healthy and growing black bear population, bear sightings during the spring and summer months are not unusual in Virginia. However, bears showing up in areas where they have not been seen before can cause quite a stir. […]


Martin’s captures top spot as grocery store leader

It’s time to head to the grocery store for dinner ingredients or weekend picnic fixings. Perhaps you shop daily or weekly compiling meticulous lists along with any clipped coupons. Or you may be impulsive and just head to the store grabbing whatever pleases you. For some, it’s a chore, for others an adventure in choosing culinary treats. One thing is for sure. Where you shop, how often and what you spend is big business. […]


Behind the Badge: Slaughter brings his leadership skills to Culpeper’s police force

Born in Washington, DC he grew up in Washington Redskins’ territory, but as a boy he became a Dallas Cowboys fan, just as, when a senior in high school, he chose the Marines rather than follow the path of his father into the Army. Town Police Officer John Slaughter is, underneath the uniform exterior while dressed in police blues, an independent thinker. He is also a leader. […]