Culpeper Police Officer saves life with Naloxone

The Culpeper Police Department trained and equipped its officers with the drug Naloxone on August 12, 2016. Naloxone is the antidote that helps to reverse the often deadly effects of those suffering from an opioid overdose. Recently, this training and program implementation helped a Culpeper Police Officer, along with Culpeper County Office of Emergency Services, save a life. This was the first time the Culpeper Police Department has utilized Naloxone during an opiate overdose. […]


WILD IDEAS: What’s tossed around, comes around

I had business near Woodville recently that led to my driving back roads in the area around dawn and dusk for a couple of weeks. The gently rolling hills along the route are mostly pastures, with cows and horses, and wildflowers grow in fallow fields, which made this an enjoyable drive. […]


FROM WHERE I SIT: Pursuit of happiness

I read a statistic recently that I suspect will resonant with many of you. Thirty-four percent of young people aged 18-34 in the United States are living at home. Many aren’t ready or able to launch for a variety of reasons on that role of being an adult and responsible for their own survival. Perhaps they’ve started college but haven’t finished. Or, they finished but still don’t know what they want to do and have no job. Or, they started but switched majors. Or they’ve married and it’s gone sour and they’re home, often with their own children. Or, they’re working but it isn’t enough to afford them their own place. Or, they are buried in college debt. And on the list goes. […]


Carver reunion a success financially and socially

George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Association’s reunion event on Sat. Aug. 6 was a resounding success. More than 500 supporters enjoyed 35 vendors and superb performances by singers Octavia Yates and Marie Davis, accompanied by Rev. Joseph Moore on keyboards. In addition, the award-winning Blue Angels cheerleaders, coached by Kim Majors, captivated the audience, and DJ Wilbur Sheppard and and MC Shani Hinton complemented the entertainment. […]


Agewise: Creating, remembering and valuing the assets of our memory banks

Reminiscing is good for the brain as we age. A 2003 study by Eleanor Maguire and Christopher Frith performed brain scans on people in their 70s and in their 30s while they were reminiscing and found that the entire hippocampus is “lit up” and actively engaged in older adults, while 30 year olds only utilize one small part of the left hippocampal region. Remembering and making sense of our past is natural and even contributes to us feeling better about the future. Sometimes a photograph, smell, or song will trigger a memory so vivid we are immediately transported back in time. And though not every memory is positive, reminiscing often makes us feel good. This is true for most of us, and, particularly for persons suffering from dementia. […]


Shooting suspect apprehended

On August 16, 2016, at approximately 2:30pm, the Culpeper Police Department, with assistance from the United States Marshal Service, received information that Marquan Antonio Brown was in New Mexico. The information was passed on to the New Mexico State Police. Troopers with the New Mexico State Police stopped Brown in Tucumcari Municipal while traveling on the highway. […]


Say Cheese Aug. 11

    BENEVOLENT BACKPACKS. The EVOLVE Center is a new non-profit in Culpeper. As part of their initiative to help children in need, 50 filled backpacks were donated to Sycamore Park Elementary Monday morning. Pictured […]


Enjoy resort living in Madison County

Madison County is known for its beautiful mountains and rolling foothills. The county offers many outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, hunting, and trout fishing. The magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park are popular destinations in the county. […]