Your lawn deserves the very best tools

 Sharon Hitt, K&M Lawn, Garden & Arborist Supplies

It’s that time of the year – you drive around your neighborhood and compare your yard to everyone else’s. Are you envious of your neighbors’ well manicured lawns? Does everyone else’s lawn and garden look better than yours? By following a few simple suggestions, you can have a yard that others envy.

Make sure you have the right equipment to accomplish what you want to get done. Is it the right size? Does it do everything you want it to do? Is it reliable or do you have a lot of downtime with repairs? It might be beneficial and more efficient in the long run for you to invest in new equipment to get the job done faster and more efficiently. When making that purchase, you should take into consideration a variety of factors including cost, availability of parts, and future repair and warranty service. We would encourage you to shop around for high quality and cost efficient brands of equipment. Purchasing low cost equipment could end up costing you more if you are unable to get parts, or if repair and warranty service is unavailable.

Regular servicing of your lawn and garden equipment is an important factor in maintaining productivity. Fuel is a big issue. When ethanol (a component of most gas station fuels) sits in the carburetor, it eats fuel lines and deteriorates carburetors. An investment in ethanol-free fuel is worth it in the long run to prevent repairs and down time.

In searching for outdoor equipment or repairs, customer service, knowledgeable staff, and high quality brands should be your top priority. Yes! – with a little help you can achieve that perfect yard!