Biz Bio: Storeland is all about the stuff of storage

Owner Stephen McLean is the brains behind Storeland, storage units that maximize security and convenience. Self-Rental Kiosk onsite. Photo by Anita Sherman
Owner Stephen McLean is the brains behind Storeland, storage units that maximize security and convenience. Self-Rental Kiosk onsite.
Photo by Anita Sherman


When you drive into Storeland located on Gate Road off of Lovers Lane, your first impression will undoubtedly be a good one. This isn’t your average cluster of storage units. Elegant and clean lines from detailed landscaping and iron fencing may have you feeling that you’ve driven into someone’s estate.

That presentation is by design. Owner Stephen McLean comes with years of experience in land development and landscaping. He’s also had storage unit facilities in other states and aims to please.

“I want to keep it very clean and appealing,” says McLean who has done his research as well.

“Sixty percent of the decisions when it comes to storage rentals is done by women,” noted McLean, “they want to make sure that belongings are in a good and clean place.”

With the first phase completed, McLean has 190 units ranging in size from 5×5 to 10×30.

When you walk the hallways of Storeland’s inside units, you’ll be impressed with the lighting, temperature controlled air system, security cameras and clean and crisp colors.

Units are thoroughly cleaned and mopped after each customer. “We sweep out all the dust,” says McLean. “We want to be customer friendly.”

Outside units have leak proof roofing and can accommodate vehicles. Video monitoring is also onsite. Outside restrooms are available as well.

According to McLean, most renters, on average, will store things for 6-8 months but he’s had customers that keep things in storage for more than 10 years.

“It might be a move or renovations that people need reliable storage,” says McLean noting that some homeowners will store excess furniture as they are staging their homes for a sale.

One of the conveniences that McLean has added is a 24/7 self-rental kiosk. Located just outside the main office, McLean has already observed many customers taking advantage of this feature.

“It’s as easy as renting a DVD,” chuckles McLean who said the unit will take credit cards, checks or cash as payment. “It will even sell you a lock.”

So, while McLean is in the office on a daily basis, for customers who come after hours, it’s no problem to rent and/or pay for a unit.

The lobby at Storeland has a unique and professional feel. No high counters. An elegant office feel greets you instead.

McLean chose Culpeper and this site for its proximity to a major highway and the town. He liked the feel of the area and after doing considerable market research determined that there was a need for an upscale storage unit facility even though there are other storage places around.

Open a few months, he is currently running a number of specials. He’s kept his prices reasonable and competitive. Phase 2 of the future buildout on his four acres will bring total units up to 430.

Whether you need extra space for storing business materials, personal items or seasonal sports gear, the units at Storeland will offer you all the comforts and convenience of having an extra room at home.

Storeland can only be described as storage on steroids. McLean has perfected the storing of stuff and taken it to new levels.





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