Forge Studios looking for cast members


The Forge Studios is an independent film company located in Rappahannock County. Manned by an intrepid group of writers, designers, directors and producers, they are perhaps best known for their production, “The Rangers – A Shadow Rising.”

They are currently involved in a new venture . The Forge team has been hired as the producers of Daily Bread, a post apocalyptic drama series by Renaissance Women Productions and series showrunner Nina May.

“Primary production begins in July. We have already had several preliminary shoots and are excited to be moving ahead with this huge project,” said designer and director Skip Lipman.

The studio’s goal is to get through production of a full season of episodes this summer. Renaissance Women Productions is a non-profit organization.

According to Lipman, this is an educational opportunity for anyone interested in getting involved with filmmaking.

Visit for more information and to learn how you can get involved.


There is an immediate need to cast several parts including:


Dr. Ted

He Is the doctor who was just returning from a ski trip with his wife and two young daughters, Tina and Emma, when it all went dark. They symbolize people who have everything in a civilized world and in the blink of an eye, they are no different than anyone else. He though, being a doctor, brings value to the camp, so his family is allowed to come back. But, he gets back into his workaholic habits after Link and Nicole build him a microscope. There is a sadness and distance in his relationship with his wife Julie and you get an idea that even with a solar flare, it is not a big enough wake up call to get him to see what is important in life. He is very one-dimensional .. . basically a doctor who is there when people get hurt.



Caleb Is about 10 and a quiet boy who has been traumatized by his mom’s murder and their house burning down. They have lived in the woods for two weeks, just surviving until Nora and the others find them. He immediately sees Nora as their savior and a type of mom replacement. He likes that she is strong and powerful and knows that nothing could ever hurt her, so she is a safe place to put his emotions. When she rebuffs him he acts out. There is poignancy to their relationship because he is one of the only ones who can get to Nora. He is also symbolic of the tragic balance of humanity and it can either go in the direction of the animals just surviving, or they will succeed in rebuilding civilization.



Tommy is in his 20s, thin, nebbish, nerdy looking with an MBA from Harvard who is quickly told he has no value in a post apocalyptic world with those credentials. He loves Tiffany’s show and has read her book three times. He becomes her sidekick and a bit of a comic relief because he loves cooking so much he is sort of clueless about things around him. He always rises to the occasion when it comes to food, sort of like yeast in bread. He is like Tiffany’s mini-me.



Bob is half of a young couple who were friends with Danny and go to the same church. He is an expert in botany and can help with the greenhouse. He is very helpful, nice and happy to do what needs to be done. He is a background character.


Mrs. Buchanan

A woman in her 60s plus who doesn’t talk much and was a stay at home mom. She just exists until the solar flare and then she has to up her game and do things she never had to before. She actually comes alive for the first time in her life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Dori and Harold

Met at the farm 20 years ago when he was taking care of the animals and the grounds, and she was the maid and would occasionally cook for the girls and grandmother. After five years of working together, they got married and had three children who were practically raised at the farm. They are a kind family that makes their way back to the farm after about a month, in an old pickup truck with non-electronic parts. They are in their late 30s but look older because of their hard work.


Jeannie and Joe (10) and Jason (12)

Dori and Harold’s kids and their pet dog Major


(IMdB credits will be given, craft services, scholarship potential) Many crew positions also available.


How to audition


It’s simple! If you are interested in a role or would like to find out more send an email to with the role or roles you are interested in listed in the subject line. You can also send headshots and resumes. We would also like to see your acting reel or you can record up to a two- minute dramatic monologue include a link or send it to


For more information about The Forge Studios, see Contact owner and producer Ron Newcomb at