Brat nominated as Republican nominee in 7th District

Bryce Reeves

As you know, my good friend Congressman Dave Brat won the Republican nomination at the 7th District Convention this past weekend.

This is fantastic news for every passionate conservative in our community and in our Commonwealth.

That’s because while so many talk about conservative values these days, Congressman Brat has been a true leader fighting to protect our values and our rights – even before he got to Washington. I’m proud to be represented by him in Congress because he’s fighting to protect our Christian morals and principles every day.

This November, we must stand together to keep Dave Brat working for us. Please sign up today to help Dave continue the work he’s started.

I also want to congratulate Susan Lascolette, Dewey McDonnell, and Ron Hedlund on being elected to the Virginia State Central Committee. They ran a great grassroots-focused campaign that should be a model for future contests. Their principled, conservative leadership will be a huge asset to the Republican Party of Virginia this year and into the future.

The next several months are going to be very exciting here in Virginia and across the nation. The Republican leadership we just elected makes me even more confident we can take back the White House in November and begin to restore conservative values and morals to our national government.

Please join me in congratulating Dave Brat when you see him – he’s one of the strongest conservative voices not just in our community, not just in Virginia, but in our great nation.

Have a great week.

Elected in 2011, Sen. Bryce Reeves represents the 17th. District in Virginia. You may reach him at 540-318-0678 or