Is it worth a lawsuit?

It requires a leap of faith to consider the Culpeper Board of Supervisors’ recent denial of a pump and haul (p&h) permit to be religious discrimination. Everyone, no matter their religious affiliation, should respect health and safety regulations. […]


Culpeper Police make arrest in shooting

On Saturday, April 16, 2016 at approximately 2:35 in the afternoon officers from the Culpeper Police Department responded to the area of Fairfax Street for report of a shooting that had just occurred. These officers were assisted by deputies from the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office. […]


PEC’s solar success story

To launch their second Solarize Piedmont campaign, a grassroots effort to bring solar electricity to more people across the Commonwealth, Piedmont Environmental Council president, Chris Miller, unveiled their own new solar electricity panels last week. […]


Behind the Badge: Collins cares about people and about preserving our links to the past

William Collins works in the present but his passion is in the past. The bespeckled jail supervisor looks more the scholar than a man who straps on a firearm every morning to go to work. When he isn’t on duty or grilling prime cuts of meat at home, Collins is out scouring the land with his metal detector recovering the past. […]


Curtain Calls: Fight for Civil Rights goes ‘All The Way’

If I had known how interesting 1964 would be, I would have paid more attention. That important year – the first complete year of LBJ’s inherited presidency – saw passage of the deeply divisive Civil Rights Act. The South rebelled, then fell into line. Alliances were torn apart and re-formed. Even the intended beneficiaries, black Americans and the inner circle of the SCLC, were polarized. It was too soon. It was high time. It was too much. It wasn’t enough. Could LBJ be trusted to deliver? Could he be trusted at all? […]


The “old, poor, sick” fallacy

The ambiance was charming, the conversation engaging, and the wealth manager I was dining with was recounting one fascinating story after another. But as dinner came to a close he said something that surprised me – not because I hadn’t heard it before, but because I hadn’t heard it for a long time. […]


Governor signs Webert’s HB206 bill

Delegate Michael Webert (R-18 District) is thrilled to report that the Governor has signed his legislation, HB206 into law with no amendments. This bill repeals the prerequisite for a Virginia resident to present a secondary form of government issued identification to purchase a firearm. […]