Athlete of the week: Jenny Bosserman

Eastern View's Jenny Bosserman scored her 200th career goal this season for the Cyclones' girls lacrosse team.  Photo by Marshall Conner
Eastern View’s Jenny Bosserman scored her 200th career goal this season for the Cyclones’ girls lacrosse team.
Photo by Marshall Conner

Over the last four years Eastern View’s girls’ varsity lacrosse team has set a high standard for excellence exemplified by the play of two dynamic athletes— seniors Jenny Bosserman and Jordan Howard.

The two Cyclones achieved a major milestone just one week apart. Both players have now scored 200 goals in their varsity lacrosse careers.

Any fan of Eastern View’s field hockey and lacrosse teams have witnessed the impact Bosserman and Howard can achieve in a game. Both are certifiable stars in district, conference and regional play.

“Jordan is a great friend and teammate. I was happy for her when she scored her 200th goal this week at James Monroe,” said Bosserman. Howard scored seven goals in the 19-9 victory over its Evergreen Conference opponents. The Cyclones (6-3) ascending the conference standings.

One week ago it was Bosserman’s time to shine when she hit the milestone at a pivotal moment in an 11-10 victory over John Champe High School.

“I scored my 200th last Thursday at home against John Champe. It was amazing because it was a really close game,” said Bosserman. “It was a very big milestone for me and it was certainly and exciting moment.”

The bond between the two athletes is strong—they’ve been teammates and friends for years.

“Jordan and I have been friends and teammates since sixth grade. She was the one who got me to try out for lacrosse my eighth grade year,” explained Bosserman. “We grew up playing sports together.”

Over four years Bosserman and Howard found success each season in field hockey and lacrosse.

“We’ve been teammates from our freshman year on,” said Bosserman. “We have an unspoken way of communicating—we know each other so well, even to the point where we know each other’s tendencies on the field.”

Bosserman is optimistic that the Cyclones will continue to gel as a team as the season progresses.

“We’re improving. With last season’s success I think our team might have entered this season a little bit overconfident,” said Bosserman. “We took a few losses early in this season that I don’t think we should have. I think we’re improving each game.”

On a personal level Bosserman believes that experience and scoring have elevated her game.

“As a player I believe that I’ve matured since my freshman year. I see many more opportunities on the field now,” said Bosserman. “I see what can happen, and then, I know how to make it happen.”

Bosserman is an outstanding student who will attend University of Mary Washington next year.

“I loved the campus and it’s away…but not too far away,” said Bosserman. “I chose the college first and thought if I had the opportunity to play lacrosse— I’d do it. I’m glad I’ll have that opportunity.”

“Coach (Liz) Schumacher was the coach who taught me lacrosse in eighth grade. My freshman year she became the head coach, so we’ve been together my entire lacrosse career,” said Bosserman. “Coach Peggy Allen has also been one of my most important mentors and coaches in both sports.”

Outside of lacrosse and field hockey Bosserman is an award-winning equestrian.

“I enjoy equestrian sports and I try to ride when I can fit it in—usually a few times a week,” explained Bosserman.

The support of her family has also been an essential ingredient to the young athlete’s success.

“My mother is my top statistician and my father is also very supportive,” said Bosserman. “My family has always been there for me.”

Eastern View’s dynamic duo will return to action this Thursday against Freedom High School.