Virginia Historic Garden Week celebrated in Orange-Culpeper

Greenville is one of four homes on tour this Saturday in Culpeper as part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia. Courtesy photo
Greenville is one of four homes on tour this Saturday in Culpeper as part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia.
Courtesy photo

In the heart of the Virginia Piedmont, the Town of Culpeper is home to this year’s tour as part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia. This driving tour, which takes place on Culpeper’s outskirts, honors both its past and its future. From a pre-Civil War manor house to a modern 21st-century one, from intimate secret gardens to grand landscapes incorporating trees and sweeping Blue Ridge views, visitors can appreciate country living in the Piedmont. All properties are on the tour for the first time.


Deer Ridge

13012 Deer Ridge Road



Owned by Liz and Greg Yates, this 500-acre farm has been in the family for generations. You’ll see work from local artisans Scott Carpenter and Roque Castro. Look for the weeping cherry to announce the entry to the house. This contemporary home takes full advantage of a commanding view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.



13166 Deer Ridge Road



Owned by Ben and Mary Allen, an allee of trees line the road to Porches and terminates at a circle dominated by impressive Japanese maples. This home perfectly combines indoor and outdoor living spaces with their series of outside porches facing south. The house is filled with original art. Distinct gardens speak to plants from friends and family.


Turkey Ridge

710 Zeuswyn Drive



Owned by Ann and Duke duFrane, the house at Turkey Ridge was moved to its present location from the front of the 1,000-acre Zeuswyn Farm when the town of Culpeper arrived on its doorstep in 1973. The Clores, who owned it then, decided to move and remodel rather than build anew, in part to retain the extensive wood paneling and woodwork. Mr. Clore’s father and grandfather had run a furniture company in Madison in the 1800s and a good deal of cherry and walnut wood was saved. The current owners want to preserve the Clore legacy. Find the house tucked from view by a holly-lined driveway. Enjoy the serene formal garden.



13501 Greenville Road



Owned by Adrianne and Bill Foshay, it is difficult to imagine now but thisi house was a “sad wreck” when purchased for farmland in 1982. Renovated in 1998, the groundhogs living in the kitchen and owls in the upstairs drawing rooms were turned out. Corn no longer grew to the front door. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. Greenville is situated among rolling hills near Raccoon Ford. The Classical Revival, red brick, three-story house is dominated by 30-foot Tuscan columns. Old Kentucky coffee trees grow on both sides of the house. Terraced gardens are marked by brick walls and stairways. Look for five kinds of magnolias.


If you go


Historic Garden Week

In Culpeper

April 23

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tickets $35

Available at all properties

Pepperberries, Cameleer, MedSpa and Museum have tickets

Driving tour, parking available on site. Shuttles will run between Deer Ridge and Porches where walking path is available.

Complimentary refreshments at Greenville in the afternoon.

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