Biz Bio: One stop shopping for all your jewelry and gift needs

Erin Driver, along with her husband Jim, are the owners of Warrenton Jewelers and Gifts. courtesy photo
Erin Driver, along with her husband Jim, are the owners of Warrenton Jewelers and Gifts.
courtesy photo


The young man looks around a bit confused. But not for long.

“I’m looking for a birthday gift for my wife,” he says.

“Would you like me to suggest a few ideas,” replies owner Erin Driver.

“Sure,” was his reply and from there Driver’s instinct to gravitate toward things fun, colorful, sassy and sophisticated took over. It wasn’t long before he had chosen the perfect item, it was beautifully wrapped, and with a smile on his face, he left a happy camper. And, with an anniversary coming up, there’s a strong chance he’ll return.

Driver, along with her husband Jim, have forged a personal and professional partnership that has worked over the decades.

Warrenton Jewelers and Gifts is located at 524 Fletcher Drive in the Northrock Shopping Center in Warrenton.

Coming up on two years at this address, while the location is relatively new for them, their business is not. Jim, a seasoned goldsmith, hails from a family of jewelers. On site most days, you’ll find him available to help with your jewelry or watch repairs or to help design a new piece.

When their children were young, Erin was home with them helping with the business in ways she could but when the youngest graduated from high school, she was ready to step full-time into the retail side. She’s had no regrets.

“I love what I do, I love this job, I love the store,” says Erin, a perky and very optimistic shop keeper that over the years has expanded their products to include not only fine jewelry but high fashion costume jewelry and many gift items to include a line of baby items and handbags. When you step inside their store you can spend a few dollars or a few thousand dollars depending on what you are looking for. For certain, you’ll see something for yourself.

“Our products are high quality and unique,” smiles Driver. “I want to have items that you won’t find everywhere…different.”

Checking out her collection of Vintage style jewelry could keep you glued to one corner of the store but if you’re a mom or grandma or aunt, her selection of baby’s items is equally tempting. And then there are those dazzling Spartina choices, a line hailing from the Carolinas but fast becoming favorites for the discerning pocketbook acquirer.

Prom season means tuxedo rentals and Warrenton Jewelers has that service as well.

Working for other jewelers over the years, the Drivers always had it in their minds to open their own retail store where they could combine Jim’s years of experience as a goldsmith with Erin’s knack for retail and accounting. For the past eight years they’ve made that happen working “shoulder to shoulder” for themselves as business partners and husband and wife.

This current location has afforded them much more visibility and foot traffic.

“We’re very blessed to be in this spot,” says Erin, “our old customers like it and we’re always welcoming new customers.”

Once you’ve found your gift and picked out an appropriate card, one of the staff will be glad to wrap it. That comes as part of the service making Warrenton Jewelers and Gifts the perfect choice for one stop shopping




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