Curtain Calls: Love and Sex – Beyond the Mystery

It’s complicated. Bathsheba Doran’s latest work, “The Mystery of Love and Sex”, manages to touch the love bases from friendship to family, other sex, same sex, and no sex, and do it with such wit and grace that it feels like a problem solved. Directed by Stella Powell-Jones, this sympathetic exploration of a seemingly ordinary family and a childhood friend navigating the minefields of life and change resonates on multiple levels. If we haven’t been there or done that, we know someone who has. […]


Tanom Motors in the news

  You may have heard the roar of their engines as several Tanom Motors Invader vehicles whizzed up and down Davis Street on Tuesday. Later on Tuesday there was a filming session near the Culpeper […]


As spring warms up, snakes emerge

Recently I was rambling around in back of my house, on Oventop Mountain. In navigating the many fallen logs and piles of stones up there, I kept my eye out for snakes, although I thought it was still a bit early for them to be out. As much as I love them, I have no desire to step on them, for both our sakes. […]


I’d rather drive: Angst over airlines

I may not be the smartest bird in the nest but I do know about flying. At 81 years of age I saw the real beginning of commercial aviation and have watched it grow from tri-motor Fords to 777s and airbuses. I saw the adventurous days, the glory days, the crowded days and now the disastrous days. I saw unregulated days at the start, beginning regulations, over-regulation and no regulation. I saw people die, people who were badly injured, and now people who wish they were dead. […]


Connecting communities during Give Local Piedmont 2016

If there is one thing Culpeper is known for, it’s our sense of community—we proved that during the first two Give Local Piedmont events when we raised nearly $1.4 million, which benefited our region’s nonprofits. We know our residents will step up again on May 3 to give generously to community causes that touch their hearts. […]


Perhaps a closer look at the county budget is needed

In recent weeks I’ve taken the time to review the county website, and gather information from Culpeper County government officials and members of the Board of Supervisors regarding the proposed FY 17 county budget. It’s been quite an education for me — not only in terms of learning fiscal monetary practice and sound financial decision making by local government, but also an extraordinary window into viewing a rather egregarious allotment, a misallocation, and misapplication of funds. The words, “maladministration,” “misappropriation” and “random, arbitrary decisionmaking” come to mind. […]


A ‘Loverly’ finish to Season XVIII

She’s 60-years-old this spring, but “My Fair Lady” is as witty and captivating as she ever was. Messrs. Lerner and Loewe’s undisputed greatest work could retire on its heap of Tonys and “Bests” and retain its crown, yet remains one of the most popular revived musicals of all time. […]


Governor’s School candidates

Culpeper County Public Schools is pleased to announce that eight high school students have received invitations to attend one of Virginia’s Summer Residential Governor’s Schools this year. In addition, one student has received an invitation to the Foreign Language Academy for Spanish, and one student was designated as an alternate. The selection process for these programs is highly competitive among high school students across the state. […]


Virginia Historic Garden Week celebrated in Orange-Culpeper

In the heart of the Virginia Piedmont, the Town of Culpeper is home to this year’s tour as part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia. This driving tour, which takes place on Culpeper’s outskirts, honors both its past and its future. From a pre-Civil War manor house to a modern 21st-century one, from intimate secret gardens to grand landscapes incorporating trees and sweeping Blue Ridge views, visitors can appreciate country living in the Piedmont. All properties are on the tour for the first time. […]