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Located in the Walmart Super Center, Dr. Miles Press is the optometrist representing Eye Care of Virginia. His has a second office in King George Virginia. Photo by Anita L. Sherman
Located in the Walmart Super Center, Dr. Miles Press is the optometrist representing Eye Care of Virginia. His has a second office in King George Virginia.
Photo by Anita L. Sherman

For more than four decades, Dr. Miles Press has focused on helping people to see better. He takes great professional and personal satisfaction when he is able to better a person’s life by improving not only their eyesight but the resultant sense of well being and overall health that comes with seeing the world clearly.

For this caring optometrist, the calling came early.

“I was about 8-years-old,” says Press, “when my mother took me for an eye examination…the optometrist showed and explained the equipment and let me see the contact lens laboratory that was in the same building. It was really cool.”

It was literally love at first sight for the young boy who was fascinated with the world of optometry.

Growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Press, as a teenager, landed a job working in that office and when it came time for college, he went off with a glowing recommendation to the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts where he graduated in 1971. His optometrist proved to be an able mentor launching Press into a long and storied career that had him working in several states before calling Virginia home. After college he served for two years as a captain in the Air Force. Stationed at Eglin Air Force base in Florida, he worked for the flight surgeon’s office where he was responsible for the eye care of civilians and military personnel.

It was when he was living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina in the early 80s that he started his own contact lens company, CTL, Inc. He later licensed the technology for tinted soft contact lenses to Bausch and Lomb and helped them set up offices in Ireland and Rochester, NY.

A life long learner, Press stays current on the latest technologies in vision care and overall eye health. Because of his educational background and training, he takes pride that he has been able to spot other health issues in patients like glaucoma or macular degeneration. “I’ve referred many patients to other physicians when we spot a problem,” says Press who once detected what turned out to be several brain aneurysms in a young woman in her 20s. Her mother credits Press for saving her child’s life.

Committed to community service, Press has been on three medical missions to Peru between 2009-2011 living and staying in remote villages where more than 1,000 people were seen weekly and fitted for glasses many provided by local Lions Clubs. “It was very satisfying work,” says Press of his trips to Lima, San Francisco and and Ayacucho. “We left with people seeing better…we also did screenings for cataracts.”

With five children and 14 grandchildren, Press enjoys spending time with them when he isn’t working but coming to work and helping people is something that continues to keep him busy six days a week between his office in Culpeper and the other in Dahlgren in King George County.

“I like to build things and work on our farm,” says Press who lives in Rhoadesville but his main passion which happens to be his profession is providing the best eye care and the best products that he can for his patients. “I feel good…I like helping people,,,every day is a new day…I don’t cut any corners when it comes to eye care.”

“I enjoy coming to work…“I’m going to keep doing this as long as I can.”.


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