Biz Bio

Biz Bio: Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center: A mirror of your good health

You may have a medical reason to visit a dermatologist. Perhaps a nagging mole that needs a pre-cancer screening, severe case of acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin allergies. Or you may want a dermatologist to advise you on ways to rejuvenate your aging skin, get rid of some wrinkles or reduce those age spots and bring a youthful glow to your face. […]


Behind the Badge: For this deputy, electronic forensics is his investigative forte

But for the Indiana Jones hat and palm tree studded tie, First Sgt. Todd Durica looks the part he held during his career in banking: tie, jacket, glasses, and shined shoes. He started as a teller out of high school and rose to assistant bank manager in four years. College called and he started a late career in academics. But it wasn’t until he started tracking and prosecuting shoplifters at the full time job he worked during school that he found his interest: law enforcement. […]


In Harmony

he members of Founding Fathers Republican Women donated $500 to Souls in Harmony, a local non-profit group started by Greg Harpine, that is bringing the joy of music to those in our community who are encumbered by a special need or barrier. […]


Curd Quips: Cheeses compromised in electrical fire

A fire broke out in one of our shop’s cheese cases Friday night. You did not hear about it as, thankfully, the electrical fire was confined to a “chase” – a steel chamber with electrical wires running through it. Blackened, burnt and sparking, the smoldering wires stopped burning there. That’s the good news as compared to a much worse potential. […]


2016 General Assembly Session Recap

The 2016 General Assembly session has adjourned sine die, and concluded a day ahead of schedule. This is the second year in a row we finished our work early. During the 60-day legislative session the General Assembly reviewed more than 3,200 bills, as well as numerous amendments to the Commonwealth’s budget. […]


What’s the hardship?

The Islamic Center of Culpeper (ICC) got a spot on the Board of Supervisor’s March 1 agenda to request a permanent pump and haul (p & h) permit with a rather sketchy application. The supervisors were wise to postpone their decision for 30 days. […]


Pardoe’s Perspective: Approaching a moment in history

We have all experienced a moment of history at one point or another in our lives. One such moment is approaching this summer with the coming political conventions, especially the GOPs. We are witnessing the transformation of the Republican Party. The die has been cast, whether you recognize it or not. Change has arrived for the Republicans and little can be done to prevent it. This change is generating a great deal of turmoil and tension in the corridors of power, a sign that it has been a long-time coming and is going to be dramatic. […]