CCHS presents “Cinderella: Enchanted Edition”

At its core the tale of Cinderella is about the power of dreams.

Once upon a time…before Elsa dominated the princess genre there was the sweet and reassuring tale of a young girl stymied by a wicked stepmother and her daughters. The Cinderella familiar to popular culture can be traced to the one published in 1697 by the French writer Charles Perrault, whose version, was turned into an opera “Cendrillon,” brings together many of the elements later popularized by the 1950 Disney animated film including the fairy godmother, the magical pumpkin, the glass slipper, the midnight spell.

Cinderella (played by Lily Fernandi) gets an earful from her two stepsisters Grace (left, played by Alexis Hinton) and Joy (right, played by Alyssa Bauer. Photo by Ian Chini
Cinderella (played by Lily Fernandi) gets an earful from her two stepsisters Grace (left, played by Alexis Hinton) and Joy (right, played by Alyssa Bauer. Photo by Ian Chini

Many versions of this tale exist and are woven into the heart-strings for generations.

This Thursday, Culpeper County High School’s theater department will begin its three-day production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, “Cinderella: Enchanted Edition” at the school’s auditorium. All shows begin at 7 p.m. at the CCHS auditorium. A special Royal Ball will be held prior to the Saturday evening performance beginning at 5:30 p.m. The pre-show event will be held in the CCHS cafeteria. The Ball will include games, music, crafts, snacks, and local business Lollipop Station will be there with some of Cinderella’s princess friends. Tickets for the Royal Ball will be available at the door, or pre-sold at Lollipop Station for $3.

The production team for this performance includes teachers Maxie Mitchell (Director), Doray Walker (Music Director) and Ashley Crago (Choreographer).

“Rodgers and Hammerstein have many different versions of Cinderella as a musical and we chose the one that we thought best suited the high school level and our performers. This version is mostly based on the 1997 film version starring Whitney Houston and Brandy, its songs are memorable and the upbeat energy of the show is simply contagious,” said Maxie Mitchell. “We’ve wanted to do a Cinderella production many times in the past, but I felt that this year we had the perfect group for the show.”

The young actors in the production are well-suited for their respective roles, according to the production team.

“We are blessed with amazing talent at CCHS. All of our performers have excellent storytelling skills, and are determined to create the best show possible. We couldn’t ask for a better group of performers,” explained Mitchell.

Ashley Crago, the show’s choreographer explained further why the actors are well-suited for their roles.

“Alyssa Bauer and Alexis Hinton make the ideal step sister duo. Their upbeat personalities and strong vocal talent complement each other very well. You can really tell that they’re having a lot of fun in their roles,” said Crago. “Lily Fernandi is a natural fit for Cinderella being that she is an incredibly sweet and kind-hearted individual off-stage as well as on.”

The CCHS theatre department is confident that the show will provide a fun experience for families.

“I hope that this show allows for a fun family outing. There is something in this show for everyone; beautiful songs, talented actors, and a little bit of magic,” added Mitchell.

The CCHS band is also an essential partner in the production.

“There are several CCHS band members as well as others who are serving as members of our pit orchestra…you can’t have a musical without music! We are very thankful for their talent, time, and willingness to participate,” said Crago.

Rehearsals for the show began in December and the young actors rehearsed after school 4-days a week, according to planners. The production is funded through ticket sales and donations.

“We would not be able to produce an annual musical if it were not for the generosity and contributions from our community,” stated Mitchell. “I think the best way to support the arts within our schools is to be present. We produce musicals and plays for our community to enjoy, so if you are able, please accept our invitations to experience live theatre at our local schools.”

“CCHS is blessed with incredibly talented students. They shine in the classroom and on the field…the stage is no different,” added Crago.

For more information visit the Theatre Department website:

If you go:

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s,

“Cinderella: Enchanted Edition!”

Culpeper County High School

Feb. 18-20*

7 p.m.

Tickets available at the door.

$10 for adults; $5 for students; Children 3 and under free.

For more information visit the Theatre Department website:

*Snow dates: Feb. 25-27 at 7 p.m.