BIZ BIO: Main Street Weddings and Event: A place where a showcase of vendors awaits

Jon and Jessica Brose combine their marketing and high tech skills to showcase local vendors at Main Street Weddings and Events. Photo by Anita L. Sherman
Jon and Jessica Brose combine their marketing and high tech skills to showcase local vendors at Main Street Weddings and Events.
Photo by Anita L. Sherman

Jessica and Jon Brose welcome you with bright and engaging smiles. The walls and spaces of their shop on Main Street tell their own story. There are photographs of happily wed couples, barns turned into ballrooms, and pastoral party scenes. There are creative invitations pinned to a bulletin board, pictures of fabulous wedding cakes and a bride’s gown hangs as if you’ve stepped into a big girl’s dress up room.

Main Street Weddings and Events is a showcase place and a meeting place. It’s a place where Jessica hopes lots of connections will be made.

“You might have a couple coming from the D.C. area to be married out here and they bring their own vendors. What I want to do is encourage the use of local vendors…we have many and planning your wedding in Culpeper or one of the surrounding counties is so much more affordable.”

To that end, with the help of her husband Jon, they have created an elegant, distinct and informative website that lists more than 100 vendors in the immediate area that can provide everything a couple needs to plan for that perfect day.

Jessica hails from a public relations and marketing background specializing in events. Jon provides all the website backup. Together they have married their individual talents into a concept that brings all the players together in one place.

Vendors are vetted by Jessica who has personally visited and talked with all of them. As an added service, Girls From Main Street is their planning and design team.

“If you want a wedding coordinator, we can provide that,” says Jessica, “but customers aren’t driven there unless that is what they want. We’re here to let you know all that is available in this area. You are free to make your own connections.”

Jon is working on a campaign to redefine what a ‘destination wedding’ can be.

“Normally a destination wedding is one considered more than 100 miles away, but it can be from Alexandria to Fauquier or Culpeper County…these places have very different feels.”

Jon, who grew up in Stevensburg, and Jessica, who hails from Centreville, call Culpeper home.

They love the area and its potential as a wedding destination. Jessica has enlisted the help of Paige Read at the tourism office. Together they are working on a video to promote Culpeper as a destination place for that special day.

The sun-filled and open space in their location comes with an inviting table large enough for a small group.

“Many of our vendors work out of their homes,” says Jessica. “But they are encouraged to come here to meet with clients. We welcome that.”

Weddings can be expensive. “Most girls don’t realize just how expensive they can be,” says Jessica who helps with that by emphasizing priorities. Maybe you want that Pinterest arrangement of flowers but if peonias aren’t in season that’s a problem.

At their current location for a little over a year, things are going well for this young couple who have created a concept that is working – creating and building a showcase of vendors accessible in one place for future brides whether you personally visit them on Main Street or peruse their website.


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