Mountain Run Disc Golf Club on par for fun

One would be hard-pressed to find a more inclusive, fun and appealing sport as disc golf. It can be played by any age group or fitness level and more importantly it is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The sport is also played in a wide variety of environments. […]


Pass the salt and pepper please

Humans are a funny bunch, if you make the time to watch them. “People-watching” some call it – the chance to sit and observe fashions, movements, personal habits and how humans move as a group. It’s a never-ending show that is both comfortable and as easy to do as watching television at home. […]


CCHS presents “Cinderella: Enchanted Edition”

Once upon a time…before Elsa dominated the princess genre there was the sweet and reassuring tale of a young girl stymied by a wicked stepmother and her daughters. The Cinderella familiar to popular culture can be traced to the one published in 1697 by the French writer Charles Perrault, whose version, was turned into an opera “Cendrillon,” brings together many of the elements later popularized by the 1950 Disney animated film including the fairy godmother, the magical pumpkin, the glass slipper, the midnight spell. […]

No Picture

Land Conservation Protects 11,517 Acres in Virginiaâ??s Central to Northern Piedmont

The Piedmont Environmental Council reports that a combined total of 11,517 acres were protected in Albemarle, Clarke, Culpeper, Fauquier, Greene, Loudoun, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties, last year. “Almost 60 landowners and families last year […]