Editorial: Plow Pain

The National Weather Service got it right this time. Snow began falling, as scheduled, around noon on Friday. With a brief hiatus, it started to snow heavily and continued until Sunday. VDOT, with their main message being â??stay off the roadsâ?? did a stellar job sanding, plowing and plowing again to clear interstate and main highways and then turned their attention to the secondary roads. Thatâ??s where most of us reside. In fact, most of us reside in roads off of secondary roads several times.

VDOT also does a fine job sending out releases on a regular basis to let folks know what they are up to.

That being said, we know that there were many who described their neighborhoods as â??war zonesâ?? with stranded vehicles, mounds of snow and impassable streets…further frustrated by the fact that perhaps only a block or two away, the streets were cleared.

The town kept their snow emergency route plan in effect (earlier and longer than town businesses would have liked) so that they could easily clear the downtown area. Again, despite some annoyances, workers were able to do their jobs.

Patience is a virtue that few of us probably have much less aspire to. Our society moves so quickly with nanosecond responses to just about everything that waiting for snow to melt or a plow truck to arrive can no doubt stress out even those seeking sainthood.

Culpeper was fortunate that no major incidences occurred.

In Fauquier, the roof of the Marshall Community Center collapsed. Kudos to the Little Fork Large Animal Rescue group out of Amissville that risked life and limb but got to Harry, a horse, again in Marshall, that was stuck in
mountains of snow.

We know that several folks lost their lives in this storm that battered the East Coast.

Mother Nature is a grand teacher. The changing of the seasons from snow covered streets to the blazing heat reminds us continually of lifeâ??s cycles and the constant renewal of hope that nature provides.

Unfortunately, most of us donâ??t take note and find more solace in berating plow guys for not showing up soon enough or when they do complaining that their mailboxes are still unreachable.

And then thereâ??s the shoveling.

Where are the chill pills?