CCPS Students Participate in Virginia Military Academyâ??s 2015 American Math Competition 8

Students from Culpeper Middle and Floyd T. Binns Middle Schools were recently recognized for their achievements in Virginia Military Academyâ??s 2015 American Math Competition 8 (AMC 8).

The competition was held on November 17, 2015 with 569 students participating from across the state.

Culpeperâ??s team of eighteen students was led by Mrs. Rhonda Bolum, Gifted Specialist at both county middle schools.

First Place Gold awards were won by Liam Addy and Megan Heidebrecht, both eighth graders at Culpeper Middle School. Earning Second Place Silver awards were Floyd T. Binns Middle School students Cheyenne Barlow, eighth grade, and Rebekah Smith, seventh grade. In addition, three students merited Third Place Bronze awards: Devynn Bledsoe, an eighth grader at Culpeper Middle School; and Abigail Shrader and Jamil Abed, both seventh graders at Floyd T. Binns Middle School.

Also competing in this challenging competition were Jose Cerritos, Cassidy Collart, Alex Davis, Kasey Mize, Jillian Sasso, and Trevor Parker, all from Culpeper Middle; and Abigail Stern, Jensen Armstrong, Sofia Kimble, Licett Chavez Rojo, and Matthew Baker from Floyd T. Binns Middle School.

The AMC 8 is a 25-question multiple choice test in middle school mathematics that challenges students to solve rigorous problems.
The Mathematical Association of America explains that the test illustrates to students the variety of math topics in the math curriculum. It helps students understand the importance of problem-solving and fosters enthusiasm and interest in the study of mathematics.