Stevensburg woman in custody for soliciting murder

On Monday, November 16, 2015, the Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office was made aware of a solicitation for murder plot. The 44 year-old suspect, Tammy Kelly, recently lost a custody battle concerning her grandson. As a result, the grandsonâ??s maternal grandparents and their two adult children, all of whom reside in Louisa, VA, became the targeted victims.

On November 19, 2015, The Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office conducted an operation using an undercover law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officer arranged a meeting with Tammy Kelly. During that meeting, the officer was able to obtain detailed information that included when, where, and how the murder would occur, persons involved, and the payment method. After obtaining this pertinent information, Tammy Kelly was arrested and charged with four counts of soliciting for murder § 18.2-29, and also four counts of attempted capital murder for hire § 18.2-31, for intending to murder four victims.

Subsequent to Tammy Kellyâ??s arrest, a search warrant was obtained for her residence located on Fairfield Rd in Stevensburg, Va. During the search, officers recovered computers, printers, and tablets, which were used in the production of $2,500 in counterfeit money. They also obtained financial documents, cell phones, and a Sig Sauer P225 .9mm gun.

This is an ongoing investigation and further charges are pending. Tammy Kelly is currently being held without bond in the Culpeper County Adult Detention Center.