Letter: We stand in support of Sheriff Scott Jenkins

Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office deputies from the Jail Division stand beside and support Sheriff Scott Jenkins for all of his hard work and dedication to the Culpeper community. When Sheriff Scott Jenkins took office, he made it a point to make sure Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office returned to the days of putting the community first. Sheriff Jenkins has achieved his goal by putting more deputies on the road and in the schools, and increasing community events sponsored by the Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office. He encourages all deputies to get involved in CCSO community activities to become more familiar with those who we are sworn to protect and serve.

One of the most significant programs Sheriff Jenkins has implemented at Culpeper County Jail is the Inmate Work Force. The Inmate Work Force saves both the town and the county countless dollars by having incarcerated individuals performing basic maintenance and repair at Culpeper County Jail, picking up trash along roadways, cleaning up after events, and helping with Culpeperâ??s Soap Box Derby.

In order to keep these programs making a difference in our community, we support Culpeper Sheriff Scott Jenkins in the November 3rd election. Please join us in re-electing Scott Jenkins as Sheriff.

Jim Fox
Kerry Grigsby
Jaye Hoffman
Victor Washington
Derrick Mathis
Devantae Turner
Scott Manuel
Trey Martin
Jeremy Johnson
Sherwood Mack
Brian Taylor
Gerald Lloyd
Melissa Gipson
Sidney VanderWall
Matthew Bennett
Rikki Guerrero
Johnny Jenkins IV
Catherine Kilby
Cindy Southard
Janet Kilby
Katrina Miller