Letter: Vote for Coffey and Frederick on Nov 3.

PLEASE go out and vote on Nov 3. This campaign has been especially vicious here in Culpeper. There has been an enormous amount of vitriolic diatribe, innuendo, and misstatements. If you have not watched the debates you should do so. They are available over the Internet and on local cable. If you have questions for a candidate ask THEM, do not believe the rhetoric you have â??heardâ? or â??read on the Internet.â? I have done so. One theme I heard from several candidates was vote for me and we will go back to the good old days like it was four years ago. I believe that is NOT where we should be going. The deciding criteria for me was how well each individual can lead a vibrant, growing county for the future. After carefully listening to each candidate I have decided that for Sheriff, Patrick Coffey has my vote and for Commonwealthâ??s Attorney Megan Revis Frederick has my vote. Each of these candidates has shown great courage and commitment and has withstood many malicious comments about their character and veracity. Please join me in voting for Mr. Coffey and Ms. Frederick.

Glen Hoffherr