Letter: Vote Chernin: End the chaos

I am writing to show my support of Monica Chernin, candidate for Culpeper County’s Commonwealthâ??s Attorney. I worked closely with Monica for several years and feel confident expressing my full support for her.

Monica has lived in, and raised her family in Culpeper. As a working single mother she stayed quite busy not only raising three children, but balancing her law firm, and community service. She has a well placed knowledge of the inner-workings of the Culpeper business community through her many years of involvement with CRI and being a long-time downtown merchant. When there’s a need Monica has always found the time to help the community. She started â??Pies Culpeperâ? many years ago when she discovered a need for additions to Thanksgiving meals provided through the Food Closet. This program continues through Monica’s efforts, today.

Monica has been a well known and an upstanding figure in the legal community of Culpeper for many years. She has focused her legal career around the well being of families and children in our community, assisting on both the civil and criminal side of issues. Monica has over 26 years of legal experience which includes being on the Court Appointed list for Guardian ad Litemfor children and having been appointed to the defense of indigent clients along with working with indigent inmates in the Coffeewood Correctional Center in Culpeper.

I believe Monica knows our community and is prepared to work with local law enforcement to administer justice in a fair and experienced manner.

Letâ??s keep our community safe, end the chaos, vote Chernin as our next Commonwealthâ??s Attorney.

Christie Carter