Letter: Think before voting for Megan Frederick

My family went through a very traumatic event in July 2014. My daughter was the victim of a serious crime.

My family didn’t know what to do. Our focus was on our 14-year-old daughter. We were told the Commonwealthâ??s Attorney would be contacting us because they were there to represent crime victims in court. Nothing could be further from the truth given my experience with Megan Frederick!

We found out that she never referred the case to the Victim Witness coordinator about my daughter and the crime she suffered. As a result when we went to court the first time we had no idea what to expect. The prosecutor told us the case was continued. We found out about the Victim Witness Office from the detective working on the case. The Victim Witness Office helped my family with the court process. They walked my daughter through the court room and explained what would happen.

When I asked the Assistant Commonwealthâ??s Attorney why we were never told about the Victim Witness Office he just looked at me and didn’t answer. Later he replied, “I’m only doing what I’m told to do.” I later learned the program used to be in Megan Frederick’s office, but there was some sort of falling out and the office moved.

When the newspaper reported on what happened to our family Megan Frederick tried to shift the blame to anyone but herself for the terrible way her office treats victims of crimes. I never paid much attention to the Commonwealthâ??s Attorney position before but when there is more concern for the defendants than the victims.

Please think before voting for Megan Frederick for Commonwealthâ??s Attorney because you or someone you know may go through what my family went through.

The Defendant was charged with four Felonies and one misdemeanor.

Virginia Crime Code-

OBS-3731-F5- Possess Child Pornography.

OBS-3730-F6- Computer use to commit certain sex offense with minor.

TEL-3245-M1- Use Obscene Language over a telephone.

SEX-3643-F5- Indecent liberties expose genitals to child.

The Commonwealth accepted a plea for 1 felony and register as a Sex Offender and Predator.

The Dodson Family