Letter: Support Paul Walther for Commonwealthâ??s Attorney

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Paul Walther who is currently running for the office of Commonwealthâ??s Attorney in Culpeper. During this time I have been able to observe Mr. Walther prosecute cases ranging from larceny to murder. Mr. Walther treated ALL victims with the utmost respect and fought to bring justice for each of them. Mr. Walther has conducted himself extremely professionally with all he interacted with ranging from law enforcement, witnesses and even suspects. Mr. Walther has worked tirelessly on each case he was presented and used his vast experience and knowledge of the law to bring these cases to successful conclusions.

Mr. Walther has been a great resource for legal and prosecutorial knowledge and continues to adapt to the ever changing Virginia law. Mr. Walther continues to stay abreast of the most modern of crimes and is always willing to think outside the box.

Mr. Walther values the Culpeper community and will strive to bring a fair and balanced prosecution to those who commit crimes. I donâ??t view Mr. Walther as a politician rather someone who is looking to improve the Culpeper community where he and his family have lived for 20 plus years.

Thank you Paul Walther!

Cory Ashby
Justin Schmitt