Letter: Should a sheriff be a ruler or a leader?

A ruler issues directives, or commands, and his subjects follow those directives either from the motivation of fear, respect or adoration. Personal choice is limited. I doubt that Culpeperâ??s deputies respect or adore the man that has ended the employment of more than 30 deputies over the past four years. I doubt they respect or adore his subjective hiring and promotion directives. I doubt they respect or adore ensuring they sign for a campaign sign, so they can be held accountable if it is not seen in their yard. A ruler orders his subjects to support him in keeping the throne. I know that the Culpeper voters did not like being told to come see Jenkins at his throne room- I mean office-if they want to ask him any questions after the Germanna candidate forum.

A leader, by way of contrast, models the best way forward by example and through consultation. He or she articulates a vision and people follow because they are convinced there is no better way. Patrick Coffey is a proven leader. He will take the fear and intimidation out of the personnel processes and let the human resources professionals handle personnel issues. He will institute fair promotion panels comprised of law enforcement professionals from nearby jurisdictions and community representatives. He will maximize the potential of the great men and women currently working at the Sheriffâ??s Office. Patrick will come to you to ask your concerns and provide you answers. Patrickâ??s administration will strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community. His administration will improve efficiency, customer service and the morale of the deputies. The results he guides the department towards will be all that is needed for re-election in 2019.

Please join me in bringing a leader – and removing the despot – from our Sheriffâ??s Office. For the community, for the deputies – Coffey for Sheriff Nov. 3rd.

Crissie Boggs