Letter: Please re-elect Sheriff Jenkins

Sheriff Scott Jenkins has been a dedicated, honest servant to the Culpeper community that he lives in and loves!

Please take advantage of the offer he made on the night of the Chamber Forum, Oct. 15, to make an appointment with him to discuss ANY issue(s) you have with the Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Department. For you who were at the forum he would especially like the chance to rebut the â??facts and figuresâ? that Mr. Coffey delivered, and which Sheriff Jenkins had no time to counter that night. He has posted times, on the Sheriffâ??s Department website, that he will be available to ALL in the community who want to come to speak with him personally. He is open, transparent and willing to share the true facts and figures with everyone interested.

This is an important opportunity that no one, who has questions, should pass up!

Thank you Sheriff Jenkins for all that you and your department do in the Culpeper community, law enforcement and community involvement!

Melanie Chambers