Letter: Nixon a strong advocate for our county

I want to urge you to re-elect Mr. Steve Nixon to the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Nixon has been a force in bringing new ideas and better ways of doing things to support and lead our county forward. It is apparent that he is very knowledgeable and engaged regarding the needs and status of our community. His experience brings about the best decisions for Culpeper and the implementation of what those decisions are. His generosity and his sense of commitment to the community are evident in his personal support of local entities. Two institutions that are of particular interest to me, the Culpeper County Library and Hospice of the Piedmont, benefited from Steveâ??s support on his personal time.

Mr. Nixon has been a strong advocate of our county and I ask you to give him your vote allowing him to continue to work for all of us.

John R. Klumpp